I've been using the rtl-sdr for many months now. It's a great capability for the cost!


I use it as as a general purpose spectrum analyzer, ham radio receiver, scanner, & RF capture tool to record captures into Matlab.


The USB flash drive form factor didn't work for me & I wanted something a bit more durable. I've been using Mammoth Electronics die cast aluminum enclosures lately because they are well priced & come in many fun colors.


The electronics fit quite nicely in a 1590A enclosure. 



I think it looks pretty good on my bench with a whip.



I've been getting used to placing the rtl-sdr close to the antenna & using a USB extension cable to get out to it. In the image it is hiding behind my DIY Bluetooth speaker on my barbecue grill.




Placing the rtl-sdr has certainly helped with interference getting into the (lack of) RF front end.


To take this project to the next level you could make it water proof or add a ferrite bead on the noisy 5V coming from the USB to clean things up even further.