For this project I wanted to solve a small, yet annoying, problem with my cable box. Unfortunately, my media center is oriented in such a way that the face of the electronics do not face the couch. This makes it difficult to change the channels on my cable box. Luckily I found that my cable box (QIP 7100) has a connector on the back labeled IR Remote Input. I assumed that all I needed was an IR receiver module and an old speaker cable with the 3.5 mm jack on it to correct the problem. A quick run to radio shack and about 30 minutes on the bench and I was able to create an external IR receiver cable for the cable box. The pictures below show the build. Enjoy!


My cable box.


Work bench ready? Yes.


Do I have everything I need? Yes!


Wait! What kind of IR module is it? Unfortunately I paid $4 for it.


What kind of cable do I need and how should I prepare it?


Make sure that the cable box is providing some voltage. 5V for my box.


Found a random capacitor in my junk-box. Yes everyone needs a junk-box with capacitors in it.


Poor soldering job? Of course! Will it work? Let's hope.


First round of heat shrink. Who doesn't love heat shrink?


Second round of heat shrink. Who doesn't love heat shrink?


Final picture! How does it look? Thankfully it performs great! Now I can control the cable box without having to turn the cable box.