I have not been to the Whiteboard in a while so today I carved out some time to let my thoughts wander to see if I could find a creative thought or two.  An hour and a nice IPA later, all I could whip up was to open up a second IPA.


A documentary on flies was the only thing on that didn't have the word "Reality" attached to the title so the tuner stopped there.  I was amazed at how flies have developed highly specialized biological system for the purpose of flight. If you have ever tried to swat a fly on a summer day you will agree that their flight control systems are very effective.  Of course, performance in this case can thank specialization.  


As computers evolve I wonder if we can take a lesson from the flies.  Could some applications at the highest layers of the OSI model benefit from specialization? For example, could a browser browser implementation configure specialized hardware that increased performance by a couple orders of magnitude because of its dedicated hardware. Do we have a list of SW applications that could benefit from dedicated hardware?  Could we develop a standard to place an FPGA on every motherboard that that would allow applications the capability to reconfigure the FPGA specifically for its purposes?


Something to think about as I go back to my documentary on flies.