09 Aug

BBHN NoVa Mesh



Broadband-Hamnet (BBHN) is a peer-to-peer mesh network that ham radio operators are trying to build out across the country. We need help in the northern VA to install mesh nodes accross the region. 




There are many motivations for why hams do what we do.  My motivation for helping out with this effort is fairly simple: why not, seems fun.  Turns out the first 6 channels (1-6) fall under the ham radio allocation. This means hams can use this equipment under Part 97 rules that allow higher gain antennas & power levels. 


I have installed a UBNT BulletM2-Ti and a TP-Link TL-ANT2412D 12dBi vertical antenna on the roof at about 75feet. This set-up cost me just over $100. Many hams are using old Linksys APs with home made antennas to keep the costs down. Check out the supported hardware list as well as firmware you can use to flash the hardware & get started right away. 


At the moment we have three nodes: 




Equipment I purchased for this project. I've been wanting to by UBNT gear for some time now anyways. :)




The UBNT Bullet M2 can be connected directly under the vertical antenna. I'd recommend some effort in water-proofing this interface.




NoVa mesh node installed installed in Chantily, VA operating 24/7.





If you are interested in learning more check out these two sites:


Amateur Radio computer compatible Networks


Call for Help

If you are in the northern Virginia area and would like to help out or learn more, contact me via email at KE4HGN @ that email service gmail likes to run.  We are looking for people who can install mesh nodes or might have roof-top access to facilities in the region.  If you can provide access to a high altitude roof-top, we'll provide the hardware & help to get it installed.