I've tried many different methods for storing components for projects @ home. In the past I didn't have the space or dollars for a huge set of Lista cabinets. I've tried small drawer cabinets, envelopes, tiny SMD snap boxes, & modified tool boxes. Today my favorite method is simple notebooks with plastic currency collector sleeves. Not bad for $0.17 per page.



#EEnotebook concept




Works great for passives!




Works OK for ICs and large components. If you look close you'll see electrical tape holding the sleeve opening down. I found it simpler to lock loose components like transistors in place by putting them on electrical tape.




Rather than printing or writing labels for the components, these sleeves have a slot that are perfect for the Digikey or Mouser inventory label. (scissors required) :)




In a few months I'll know if this is a great idea or another annoying component storage concept. I'll update this post as soon as I decide.